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The Patient Journey

  • Case Studies

    Initial investigations and assessment in order to provide the patient with suitable treatment options.

  • Case Studies
    Primary impressions

    Captures the intra oral landmarks associated with denture construction.

    Master impressions

    Customised close fitting tray, designed to capture the patients oral landmarks, primary and secondary stress bearing areas and also accommodating the patients muscles of facial expression.

  • Case Studies
    Bite registration

    Records the patients reproducing bite. This allows for the teeth to be specifically positioned so when the opposing teeth meet they work together in a pestle mortar action, breaking down the food.

  • Case Studies
    Wax try-in

    This appointment is designed for the patient to check the appearance to make sure they like the size, shape and colour of the teeth before the final finish. It also allows Darren to check the patient's bite, lip/facial support, and patient's vertical dimensions (to prevent over closure).

  • Case Studies

    The moment you've been waiting for! Oral hygiene advice and denture settling in process discussed with literature provided to use as a guide. The dentures are now fitted and the following assessed:

    • comfort
    • stability
    • fit
    • bite
    • appearance
  • Case Studies

    A sequence of planned follow up reviews until you are completely satisfied making the transition of your new teeth as smooth as possible.

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